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My Turn


Inspired by RBG and AOC, My Turn is an empowerment for young activists to organize and create change. Ideals don't become reality over night, and are given strength through alignment with our values. There are so many people who seek to silence new voices, and maintain a status quo that works for so few. As activists we have a duty to listen, expand conversation; depth of thought, and to foster discussion of alternatives. As cliche as it is: 

"Be the change you want to see in the world."




An introspection of anxiety, depression and relationships and how they affect each other; emotions, physical health, actions and relationships. Being open and honest can drive me to do amazing work or drown me in insecurities and doubt. There isn’t an in between and I end up being my best friend and worst nightmare simultaneously in one sitting.

Flicker is ultimately about a relationship I miss.

Burn everything


An introduction to the soundscape of my next album, "Burn Everything" addresses the willingness to dismiss the issues of others. Society needs to grow to a point where introspection is a norm and empathy is how we address people in a crisis. “If you are a rich person you deal with rich people problems. Poor? Poor people's problems,” both are valid. There are many discussions that need to be had and moving forward needs to come from an understanding of differing view points from all walks of life.

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