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LA-based Producer - Songwriter Natalie Gould is trailblazing a new sound in pop music with her artist project CiteMe. Her unique melodies, compositions and versatile approach to songwriting has been described as anthemic and honest. Natalie is unabashedly authentic and has accumulated acclaim from a growing number of accomplished songwriters, producers and engineers.

2019 was a busy year for Natalie, releasing multiple singles in collaboration with different artists. Finishing the year strong, she garnered recognition for her single “Hold Me Close” (Feat. Michael Plummer), being selected as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. 


2020 lead to the creation of her aforementioned artist project “CiteMe.” Releasing her first full length album “Stamp the Card,” which was well received in review by a variety of publications. CiteMe continues to push for a more conscious narrative in society and will continue to do so in her upcoming project, "Burn A Match" set to release early 2021. "Stamp the Card" encouraged having difficult conversations with loved ones and those who oppose social justice reform and any idealistic policy plan. "Burn A Match" will continue to discuss these issues of racial inequality while expanding the dialogue to include environmental awareness and mental health. CiteMe is acutely aware of her own shortcomings, shown through her artistry, and actively works to learn, grow, challenge her confidence and be more compassionate. She hopes to encourage her audience to challenge themselves and make their comfort zone uncomfortable.


CiteMe hit the ground running in 2020 and is poised to continue the momentum through 2021. Inspired by a powerful movement, she speaks her truth and communicates her message in the way Natalie knows best. Intending to bring topics of equity, racial justice, mental health and environmentalism to the forefront of conversations, she speaks through personal life experiences that can bring comfort to those who feel alone. Taking her listeners on a journey through each release, painting a full picture of what it means to be inside the mind of someone grappling with societal expectations and reality.

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