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"LA-based songwriter-producer Natalie Gould is trailblazing a new sound in pop music with her artist project CiteMe."

Talk About Pop Music

"A torrid and often deeply emotional collection, CiteMe’s debut is nothing like you’ve heard before. It’s beauty comes from the honesty and openess of the dark soul and heart that beats throughout every track."


"The “Stamp the Card” album has everything from electrifying melodies to staggering lyrics. CiteMe brings current issues to life in a creative and heart-touching way, making this album a must-listen."

Music By Humans

"Shout Out"

Recording Artists Guild

"Stamp The Card also has plenty of surprises and you never know what's to come next. You just know it's going to have some fun and slightly outlandish future pop quality."

Burn A Match

2020 is a year that has challenged social norms, asked for empathy toward fellow citizens and has failed to address the plight of the people. Everyone has been affected by loss and fear has been wielded to insinuate animosity into the fabrics of society. This is something that I will not accept to be the new norm and with a tendency to feel hopeless, CiteMe is actively striving to fight for causes that are important, for a brighter future. There has been a multitude of new, young officials with powerful voices giving light to the concerns of the younger generation. When you feel strongly about something, fight for it, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be to make a difference. Challenges will always be present and through each, you become better prepared for the next. This is how CiteMe will be holding herself accountable to keep surging forward for change. Equity, Social justice, racial justice, environmentalism, a new focus on improving our care for fellow citizens and our planet that provides us with the means for life.


I wish to inspire people to face these issues as they are prevalent in everyone’s lives. We need to work together to make change happen and this is the time for the most comprehensive push to date. There is so much we can do, ie; being environmentally conscious, fighting for diversity, fighting for true justice and helping our peers through hard times. Burn a Match is a journey through CiteMe’s own self-analysis and seeks ways to be active in this movement to lead society toward an open future. Inspiration stemming from difficult one-on-one conversations, dark self-discovery and hopeful admiration of people fighting for the same goal, Burn a Match is as messy as life and as hopeful as CiteMe can be for the future.

Stamp The Card

A topical conversation of hopelessness and sorely needed triumph through the lens of the current state and future of political affairs. There is an inability of people to talk with one another because no one is listening and nor should they always be required to. Differences in views are no longer a strength but a judgement to be passed because a lot of what is being discussed as politics isn’t and should not be considered as such. Race and religion are not politics and when bias concerning these are used in the creation of laws, it is an issue of moral and social standing. I do not sugar coat the language or message because these are issues being faced. Police brutality, systemic racism and political dysfunction have built the climate that we find ourselves in now and needs to be addressed. 


I wish to inspire people to face these issues as they are prevalent in everyone’s lives. We need to lift and fight for those who are affected by the woeful and deliberate attack on opportunities, supposedly available to all, by oppressors. We do this by addressing those who perpetrate systemic dysfunction and benefit from privilege knowingly or unknowingly.


This album is ultimately a journey through the stages of grief I have felt for the lack of attention, reparation and consequences that politics, specifically in the US, has faced for using governance to beat down specific groups of people.

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